French Internet City Label have been attributed
The most dynamic local authorities for citizen Internet have been awarded the "Internet City Label".
Le Journal du Net
The web eases small business daily business
The Bureaux et Commerces magazine incites SME to use the Internet on a regular basis and puts forwards benefits they can get.
Carrefour breaks new ground by promoting its operations online
Carrefour has opened a mini-site fore the launch of its operation called "The Carrefour Month" ("Le Mois Carrefour").
Having a web site : why and how?
Novadeck CMS - Technical Overview
Novadeck CMS is made from the ground up for ASP operators to host thousands of dfferent dynamic web sites on a single platform

JAVA/J2EE design

Novadeck CMS has been designed in a cross-platform 100% Java/J2EE compliant environment. Based on an enhanced XML engine, it uses EJB components linked to a relationnal database to ensure persistent storage of the data. Novadeck CMS runs on Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux and major flavors of Unix systems (Solaris ...).

 Architecture Java/J2EE 

Hierarchical caches

Designed to handle heavy loads while keeping the flexibility of a fully dynamic system (database, dynamic presentation through style sheets ...), Novadeck CMS features a unique, distributed and hierarchical caching technology.

 Hierarchical caches 

Dynamic data structures and templates

A unified database serves as a single repository for every data structure of every site hosted on the platform. While each site stays independant, data integration in a single base makes it possible to share data between sites in a controled way. New synergies are made possible : different sites can collaborate to produce shared content (over an Intranet or the Internet).
Moreover, new sites creation based on custom templates allows to deploy very quickly a set of sites featuring shared characteristics.

XML Engine

Novadeck CMS provides native support for XML (XML date storage, on the fly parsing with compliancy checking and correction). The use of the XML stylesheet language for translation (XSLT) ensures that the content stays independant from the presentations rules. XSL also makes it possible to produce results fitted to different client terminal : HTML, WML, SVG, PDF, RTF...

Data import/export: Novadeck CMS produces XML export files for external sites (RDF, RSS for instance), and seemlessly integrates external XML data when needed.

 XML architecture 

Search Engine

Novadeck CMS features its own search engine for all content stored in database. It is possible to index/search content in any field of any object. Content is indexed on the fly (while inserting new content) or in batch mode.

Users advanced management

Novadeck CMS handles Single Sign-On and multi-sites sessions : a user needs to authenticate on any one site to have a platform-wide session started across every site of a platform without the need to sign on again when going from site to site.

Novadeck CMS handles synchronisation with LDAP directories and support advanced user rights management and conditional publishing (workflow, etc.).

Web based administration interface

Web based GUI for site administration supports advanced features such as on the fly management of domain names (matching of sites, domains and sub-domains), web sites usage statistics, or intuitive, browser-based, management of data structures in the database.

A unified interface handles management of user accounts (accounts management, multi-levels user rights management, ...).

High performances

Novadeck CMS features a native support of clusters in order to provide unmatched fault-tolerant, heavy load service.

Novadeck CMS is based on distributed application servers, compliant to the EJB 1.1 standard. It is certified BEA Weblogic 5.1 & 6.1 cluster / DB Oracle 8i/9i, and Jboss 2.4.4 / PostgreSQL.
Novadeck CMS can be deployed in a load-balanced, secured and flexible cluster architecture. Novadeck CMS features JMX agents for easy application monitoring.
Novadeck CMS also supports native compression of web pages sent over the network to maximise bandwidth (up to 75%) and reduce hosting costs.

 Novadeck CMS Cluster 

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