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Having a web site : why and how?
Net Event Solutions
Net Event Solutions designs solutions for fairs and exhibitions events. Net Event chose the Novadeck technology to implement its platform of web sites for exhibitors.

Net Event specialised in solutions allowing exhibitions organisers to make a better use of Internet technologies. Net Event designs, develops and sales the ExpoAvenue platform under private licence. This solution dedicated to fairs and exhibitions enables exhibition organisers to offer a full range of online services in line with their physical exhibitions and thus bring further the impact of their events.

Expressed needs

Thanks to ExpoAvenue, an exhibition has a permanent web portal featuring the exhibitors web sites as online booths. The information and service portal is thus enlarged by a range of online booths introducing every exhibitor present at the venue. Online booths must be considered as mini-web sites, designed on the base of a single data structure. They are managed by the exhibitors themselves, who can - with no prior web language knowledge - constantly fill it up with content, but also change its design anytime (among a choice of templates).

Functional needs as expressed by Net Event were:

web sites duplication system on request, based on a template
online CMS (Content Management System) for frequent and immediate updates (products catalogue, press releases, etc.)
update interface freeing the user from any technical know-how
dynamic modules for interactivity with the visitors (polls, business cards exchanges, etc.)
each exhibitor can check his site's statistics (number of visitors, origin, etc.)
multi-sites search engine (search on all the booths of the exhibition)

The solution as developed

Exhibition portal

Thanks to a unique system of generation of dynamic sites, events organisers can generate on request online booths in a few clicks. The online booth generated is based on a template as designed for online booths by Net Event and the exhibition organisator. A management interface enables the exhibition organiser to supervise the booths, count the sites and the number of articles published on each site.

Online booths

Booths are equipped with advanced CMS features enabling exhibitors to enrich their site easily and as often as necessary. The site also features modules such as polls or online services that increase the interactivity already at the heart of the solution. Moreover, each exhibitor can change the design of his online booth anytime, without loosing any data.


The solution has been immediately adopted by major exhibitions such as ExpoBois (with 400 online booths) or Foire de Paris (which will be launched in March).

Net Event Solutions can thus provide exhibitions organisers with a platform especially adapted to fairs and exhibitions. They can use the solution as a real communication tool before, during and after the exhibition. Online booths are a useful mean for the exhibitors to promote and inform on their offer, and visitors have at their disposal an excellent complement to their visit: they can view any exhibitor documentation and directly get in contact with them.

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