French Internet City Label have been attributed
The most dynamic local authorities for citizen Internet have been awarded the "Internet City Label".
Le Journal du Net
The web eases small business daily business
The Bureaux et Commerces magazine incites SME to use the Internet on a regular basis and puts forwards benefits they can get.
Carrefour breaks new ground by promoting its operations online
Carrefour has opened a mini-site fore the launch of its operation called "The Carrefour Month" ("Le Mois Carrefour").
Having a web site : why and how?
Novadeck CMS for ISP
Novadeck Content Management System for ISP is a syndicated platform for creating, hosting and managing dynamic web sites, dedicated to ISP and ISp operators. It enables the development of ready-to-use solutions for creation and management of dynamic web sites for non specialist users, distributed on an ASP (Application Service Provider, i.e. rented web application) mode.Novadeck CMS for ASP 1.0 is aimed at providers wishing to offer an ASP service (telco operators, ISP, ASP...) to their customers and which want to install the platform on their architecture in order to master its management.
Multi-sites content platform
Template based sites generation
Descriptive approach to web sites' conception
Native Multilingual support
Online WYSIWYG HTML editor
Advanced stylesheet based presentation of content
Users and rights management
Syndication of content
Rock solid, standard compliant technology
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Descriptive approach to web sites' conception

The conception of a dynamic web site usually implies a programmatic approach: business processes are implemented in an executable code (PHP, ASP, JSP, Servlet) in order to handle data specific to the web site. Business processes are coded by specialized engineers in order to enable the management of content (data recovering, data updating, data formatting, etc.). The integration & design team then links these data structures and objects to a layout, building a user interface.

Web site conception as proposed by Novadeck puts an end to this programmatic paradigm by using a descriptive approach of web site development.

Once the data structures that will be handled have been defined through a simple web interface for business object's creation, handling methods are immediately available without the need to write a single line of code, and cover all sorts of needs: content attached to each object can be displayed, formatted, published or de-published, moderated, searched, updated or deleted through universal interfaces.

The conception of each page follows this descriptive approach. It is limited to the description of types of data for each page, possibly under specific conditions, and integrated in a structuring XML framework. Lastly, the resulting XML content is adapted to the display terminal (web browser, PDF, wap, etc.) by applying a standard XSL stylesheet, which enables various layouts of a unique content.
Such an approach features unquestionable advantages: much shorter development time, lower technical level for advanced site's creators, and interfaces' standardization.

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