French Internet City Label have been attributed
The most dynamic local authorities for citizen Internet have been awarded the "Internet City Label".
Le Journal du Net
The web eases small business daily business
The Bureaux et Commerces magazine incites SME to use the Internet on a regular basis and puts forwards benefits they can get.
Carrefour breaks new ground by promoting its operations online
Carrefour has opened a mini-site fore the launch of its operation called "The Carrefour Month" ("Le Mois Carrefour").
EVERYDECK : a large variety of applications for useful dynamic web sites
Novadeck Intranet Content Management System
Novadeck Intranet Content Management System is a system for content management and documents exchange for professional intranets. Besides traditional content management tools (publishing, update, multi-lingualism, administration rights management, moderation, content sharing, separation between content and design...), it features an original descriptive approach, the management on a single platform of numerous web sites with various content and the ability to generate sites from a model. It is aimed at companies looking for an efficient intranet distributed among the different entities, and where management, distribution and content sharing are a priority.
Distributed intranet for a better knowledge management
Main features of the platfom
Details of the functionalities
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Details of the functionalities

Data's structures

In order to structure content manageable on a web site, Novadeck has developed a flexible object oriented model,administered through a simplified web interface. Each data's object (typical basic structure such as an article, anemployee, a product in a catalog) is composed of fields which define the object.

Each field ban be mandatory (in this case, no object can be published if fields are not filled in) or not. Eachfield is characterized (numeric or alphanumeric, limited or unlimited number of characters or not, date, etc.).Besides, each field is multiple by principle, which means it can be filled in several times for each instance; theavailibity of this functionality is only constrained by the instances of the management's interface. Lastly, a fieldcan be defined as "redirect" i.e. it redirects towards another instance and its associated content, the identifierof the target instance being stocked in the redirect field.

When created, each instance of an object is automatically provided with general attributes such as author, creationdate, last modification's author, last modification's date: these attributes do not need to be managed in standardfields and are automatically updated.

This enables the construction of complex data's structures that answer most of the needs that can be met in advanced content web sites' development.

 Redirections between instances 

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