French Internet City Label have been attributed
The most dynamic local authorities for citizen Internet have been awarded the "Internet City Label".
Le Journal du Net
The web eases small business daily business
The Bureaux et Commerces magazine incites SME to use the Internet on a regular basis and puts forwards benefits they can get.
Carrefour breaks new ground by promoting its operations online
Carrefour has opened a mini-site fore the launch of its operation called "The Carrefour Month" ("Le Mois Carrefour").
Having a web site : why and how?
Everydeck, an innovative solution for dynamic web sites toward small businesses
The software company Novadeck is launching Everydeck, the first all-in-one content management system for small businesses.Served from an ASP, Everydeck is a unique solution comprising hosting, web site creation, renting of the application and unlimited updating of content.

Dynamic web sites for all

Everydeck has been developed for SMEs which are not web specialists but which demand a truly professional, evolving web site. Creating a web site on the Everydeck platform is a matter of minutes, through the use of templates fitting specific businesses (real estate, travel, industry, consultancy, etc.). Any employee can then manage content and design through simple web forms.

Everydeck advantages

An entirely dynamic web site, ready to use.
A 100% ASP (Application Service Provider) solution: no software to install, no server to manage, no technical maintenance.
Easy update available for all (non-technician) employees.
No upfront cost: a flat and moderate monthly fee.
Personalized layout and ergonomics, designed by web professionals.

Advanced technology

What makes Everydeck unique is its underlying technology. For the first time, it enables small businesses to benefit from dynamic web pages generation and online content management. Indeed, the Novadeck architecture makes the most of the best technologies for dynamic web site development. By capitalizing on a 100% XML/XSL framework - entirely written in Java - it enables a complete separation between content and layout as in professional CMS ( Content Management Systems). With Everydeck, small businesses benefit from a secured infrastructure thanks to a redundant, fault tolerant cluster architecture. In-house development of the Novadeck technology secures an evolving solution, constantly upgraded, within a state of the art production platform.


Novadeck's commercial strategy is mainly based on private labelling. Everydeck entitles its partners to offer their clients a truly value-added service, under their own label, with no upfront cost and while making profit (partners freely set the price of the offer). Novadeck is currently contacting partners to distribute its solution.

About Novadeck

Founded in May 2000 by Alexis Agahi and Silvère Tajan, Novadeck is the first company to offer an all-in-one content management system for SMEs. Novadeck clearly stands ahead of competing static solutions: their lack of interactivity, their complexity in content management and their limited personalisation capabilities can no more constitute a satisfying and lasting solution. For the first time, Everydeck enables SMEs to afford professional CMS features at a reasonable price and with no development cost.

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