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Having a web site : why and how?
Everydeck: an advanced web management solution for franchises and retailers networks
The content management specialist Novadeck offers franchises' networks an innovative solution to create and manage dynamic web sites for their retailers. Built on an ASP (Application Service Provider) mode, the Everydeck solution is a unique product comprising hosting, ready to use web site under the brand's colors, location of the online application and unlimited update of the content.

Ready to use dynamic web sites

Everydeck is a dynamic web site creation and management solution for franchises' networks and small businesses. Everydeck is made for networks having a need for truly professional, evolutional web sites for their (non-technician) retailers, but who can not afford to dedicate large resources to the project.

An homogeneous web sites network

The idea is that the franchise network defines a web site template and a portal allowing the generation of multiple web sites. The brand has thus an homogeneous network of local web sites, in terms of services and design, which enables a broader visibility of the brand, reinforced by a local presence. The brand portal is extended by local sites with a high value for the end client. At the same time, the brand reinforces its relationships with its franchisees.

Dynamic web sites managed by the retailers themselves

The retailer can immediately own a ready to use and entirely dynamic web site with no upfront cost and for a moderate monthly fee. Thanks to a 100 % ASP mode, it is no longer necessary to install a software nor to manage servers and technical maintenance. Site update can be done by any member of the team, even not technically-minded.

An innovative technology for content management

Everydeck is developed on the base of the Novadeck content management technology. The platform has already been elected by groups such as the Aventis Foundation to develop its sites Aventis Foundation and the community project Science Generation. Everydeck web sites are generated in a few clicks. They integrate advanced functionality according to the template defined by the brand, for instance:

advanced content publication system (moderation, syndication)
interactive modules (comments, notation, polls, forums, etc.)
precise users management (administration and access rights)

A quick and easy implementation

The brand develops with the Novadeck teams a web site template fitting the precise needs of its branches in terms of content and graphics (it is possible to integrate existing graphics). The average time for development is two weeks. Once the template has been established and implemented on its own administration portal, the franchise can create as many sites as it needs. Generating a retailer web site through the Everydeck platform is a matter of minutes. Each site can also be completely customized (content and design) by the brand or the retailer. Information producers within the company directly administrate content, according to the administration rights defined on the template. With Everydeck, the brand owns a fast deployment tool matching its specific needs. Sites are handled by information producers with no intermediaries. Their clients are provided both with the brand's news and with local retailers specific announcements.

About Novadeck

Founded in 2000, Novadeck is the first company to offer an all-in-one content management system for distribution networks and small businesses. Novadeck clearly stands ahead of competing static solutions: their lack of interactivity, their complexity in content management and their limited personalization capabilities can no more constitute a satisfying and lasting solution. For the first time, Everydeck enables small units to afford professional CMS features at a reasonable price and with no development cost.

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