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The Aventis Foundation
The Aventis Foundation invested Novactive, the web agency of the Altavia communications group, with two web projects to develop its Internet communication. Novactive's proposal relies on Novadeck's content management technology.

The Aventis Foundation

Created in 1995 under the aegis of the Institut de France, Aventis Foundation leads a science patronage based on three axes : encouraging scientific creativity, bringing closer biosciences and citizens, and supporting neglected causes such as orphan diseases.

Aventis needs

An institutional web site

The first project is to set up an institutional web site aiming. It presents and represents the Foundation and its sponsorship activities. It also offers an interface for project investigators.

 Functional needs were: 
a content management system enabling frequent and immediate updates
an update interface adapted for non technicians
dynamic modules for interactivity
short time limit for implementation

A collaborative portal

The Science Generation program's ambition (developed by Altavia Junium together with Altavia Novactive, on behalf of the Aventis Foundation - Institut de France) is to is to develop an interactive platform for scientists, decision-makers, etc. to think together on a new mode on society's choices on the biosciences topic. An information portal and relay sites broadcast local initiatives (such as conferences). One purpose of the portal and the relay sites is to gather information from workshops' discussions in the regions.

 Functional needs can be summed up as follows: 
a network of web sites based on the same model, administered both on a centralized and decentralized mode (22 regions)
a content management system for frequent and immediate update
content syndication for information sharing between the local web sites
publication and update interface adapted for all users, even non-technician
content personalization according to the visitor's profile
webmail and newsletters management tools

The solution as developed

Novactive's proposal on the two projects relied on Novadeck Content Management Platform, the innovative content management platform developed by Novadeck.

Institutional web site

The web site uses advanced content management solutions with which authors can enrich their site in no time, and as often as they need. The template integrates modules such as quizzes and newsletters which improve the interactivity already enabled by the dynamic functions of the solution.
The institutional web site is online since June 2001.

Collaborative portal and relay sites

The Science Generation portal gives access to 22 regional web sites.
The duplication of relay sites has been a very simple process thanks to Novadeck's innovative dynamic web sites' generation system. On the basis of a web site's template, one can indeed generate a web site per community. Relay web sites are entirely dynamic and can be personalized. They are administered by their users (with no technical background). Members of the relay web sites contribute to the site according to their administration rights (administrator, moderator, co-ordinator, editor...). They have access to a dialog and experiences' exchange area which is constantly up-to-date, thanks to, among other things, the direct contributions of its visitors. Syndication functionality gives the possibility to share content between the relay sites and the portal. Content display on the site is personalized according to the profile of the user (parent, child, scientist...). Webmail gives the possibility to all to manage their email account and to send and receive mailing lists (in accordance with their administration rights). This ambitious and innovative program is online since October 2001.

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