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Altavia Novactive has chosen Novadeck's platform for the Aventis Foundation
Novactive, Altavia's web agency, has chosen the content management solution developed by the Software editor Novadeck for the Aventis Foundation's web sites.

The Aventis Foundation

Created in 1995 under the aegis of the Institut de France, Aventis Foundation leads more a science patronage than a mere financial sponsorship. It develops its vocation to be a link between science and human beings by encouraging scientific creativity, bringing closer biosciences and citizens, and supporting neglected causes such as orphan diseases.

Technology selected for the Foundation's corporate site

Aventis Foundation expressed the need for a dynamic and easily manageable web site in order to truly develop its online communication. Thanks to the Novadeck Content Management Platform 1.0, Altavia Novactive was able to set up the web site in a very short time - on the basis of the graphic design supplied by the Aventis Foundation. Available online since June 2001, the web site of the Foundation has a dual purpose: it is the window-site of the institution but it also acts as an interface between the numerous project investigators. Novactive mainly justifies the choice of Novadeck by the necessity of advanced content management features combined with a real user-friendly, multilingual and multi-user interface. Various modules, such as quizzes or newsletters add a great interactivity to this intrinsically dynamic solution.

Science Generation

The second stage of the Aventis project allows Novadeck's technology to best maximize its potential. After the corporate site of the Foundation, the ambition of the Science Generation program (developed by Altavia Junium together with Altavia Novactive, on behalf of the Aventis Foundation - Institut de France) is to develop an interactive platform for information and opinion exchanges on life sciences stakes and their impact on society. Thanks to the Novadeck platform, this highly evolutional and easily manageable place of exchange will gather citizens' communities. Each community will benefit from a dynamic web site called "relay site", where it will share opinions and experiences. Direct contribution of the visitors will contribute to update the content of these web sites. The Novadeck solution allows to generate on demand and with a complete autonomy as many relay sites as communities. All the sites are created on the basis of a unique site template. The very specificity of the Novadeck technology is that it allows not technically-minded end-users to administrate themselves dynamic and complex web sites. An advanced user rights system enables the attribution of different levels of rights to each relay site (administrator, moderator, coordinator, editor...). This original, four-year planned program will be available online from October 2001.

About Altavia Novative

Founded in 1996, Altavia Novactive is the multimedia pole of the French communications group Altavia. Altavia Novactive's ambition is to become the interactive agency dedicated to large companies, whose characteristics call for strong reactivity and referent know-how.

About Novadeck

Novadeck is the first company to offer an all-in-one dynamic sites' management system. Novadeck clearly stands ahead of competing static solutions: their lack of interactivity, their complexity in content management and their limited personalization capabilities can no more constitute a satisfying and lasting solution. On the basis of this technology, Novadeck launched in June 2001 Everydeck, a solution dedicated to small companies and to franchises and retailers networks.

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